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Architectural Rules

All lot owners will be required to use the following procedures when developing or remodeling their property. Absolutely no alterations to the natural terrain may be done prior to the following steps: STEP 1 – Contact Badger Hill office Pay required fees – House review fee STANDARD HOURLY RATE OF ARCHITECT Remodeling review fee STANDARD HOURLY RATE OF ARCHITECT All plans requiring a building permit must be reviewed by an Architect. An alternate architect must review plans drawn by committee architect, Larry Lewis. You may choose from the following architects: EBM Designs, Stan Canby or Dennis Whistler. Construction deposit of new home $ 5,000.00 Construction deposit for remodel $ 1,000.00 Water service hookup fee for new home $ 1,000.00 Landscape review fee STANDARD HOURLY RATE OF ARCHITECT BADGER HILL ESTATES PLAN SUBMITTAL PROCEDURES PAGE TWO STEP 2 – Contact the Badger Hill office should you have any questions concerning the rules and regulations for Badger Hill. STEP 3 - Submit three (3) sets of preliminary plans conforming to the attached plan submittal. A COUNTY APPROVED ENGINEERED SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN MUST BE SUBMITTED AT THIS TIME. A set of preliminary plans will be returned to you with comments and/or corrections to be made on the final plans. STEP 4 - Submit three (3) sets of final plans conforming to the attached final plan submittal. Final plans must be modified to include comments of committee per the preliminary plans. When approved, one set (signed and stamped by the committee) will be returned to you. Construction may commence at this time. STEP 5 - Submit three (3) sets of detailed landscape and irrigation plans THIRTY (30) DAYS prior to the completion of the residence and prior to any landscape construction. FRONT yard landscaping must be completed within nine (9) months of certificate of completion of the residence. REVISED MAY 2013