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Landscaping Plan Submittal

Submit three (3) sets of plans to the Architectural Control Committee for approval thirty (30) days prior to the completion of the home and prior to any landscape construction.  The plans must include the following:
      1) Indicate location of surface drainage facilities and piping with sizes,
      2) Indicate fencing, type of fence and height,
      3) Irrigation plan –
          a. Spray or drip irrigation head location & pipe locations,
          b. Valve size & location,
          c. Controller type (number of stations) & location
          d. Backflow type & location,
          e. Design parameters & working pressure (PSI) & assumed GPM, lateral size/water size (location)
      4) Indicate plant types and locations, chosen from the approved plant  
          list (plant legend must be included),
      5) Botanical and common names of plants must be on plan, keyed to legend and must be legible,
      6) Indicate location of proposed lighting, sidewalks, stairs, landscape walls, fountains, pools, spas, etc.,
      7) Rear yards shall include grading & 45 degree setbacks of adjacent neighbors,
      8) Front yard landscaping must be completed within nine (9) months of
          the certificate of completion of the residence per the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for                       Badger Hill.
If front yard landscaping is to be done prior to the rear yard – please remember plans for the rear yard are required to be submitted and approved before construction begins.