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Final Plan Submittal

Submit three (3) sets of final drawings to the Architectural Control committee for approval.  In addition to the information shown on preliminary submittal, the following shall be shown on final drawings:
1) Site Plan
    A)  Final grading, with licensed civil engineer’s details indicating the control and diversion of all surface                water to offsite location that insures proper disposal without erosion of common areas or encroachment          onto neighboring lots.
2)  Floor Plans (Scale  ¼” = 1”)
3)  Exterior Elevations (Scale  ¼” = 1”), Four Sides
     A) Indicate all materials – samples of roofing, siding, exterior colors and
         exterior lighting fixtures must be submitted
     B) Indicate total building height above natural grade (30’0” maximum)
     C) Indicate spark arrestors at all chimneys, if wood burning fireplace is used
4)  Foundation Plan & Design
     A) When building occurs on level compacted pad, footings may be of standard type, as allowed by the                Uniform Building Code and County of Tulare Building Department
     B) When special foundation and footings occur, such as the following, a licensed engineer’s structural                calculations and details of foundation and footings shall be submitted with final plans
         1)  Stepped hillside footings
         2)  Extended stem walls
         3)  Spread column footings
         4)  Basement or retaining walls
         5)  Footings trench thru undisturbed top soil, greater that 2’0” depth
5) Structural Cross-Sections and Details
6)  Air Conditioning Plans
     A) All meters, a/c units and other utility hardware must be screened from view
7)  Electrical Plans